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GD In the News

GD Joins Outlaw Eyewear as a proud supporter of Navy Special Operations Foundation and its 5k Memorial Run/Walk in San Diego

Gun Dynamics is a proud supporter of Navy Special Operations Foundation and its 5k Memorial Run/Walk in San Diego at Liberty Station on May

Triple Barrel Shotgun! at SHOT SHOW RANGE DAY 2020

This thing was just AWESOME! A Triple Barrel Shotgun! From the hunting possibilities to the plain coolness this triple barrel shotgun was a u

GD's own Larry Ward on PBS

After the latest shooting tragedies, co-founder and CMO of Gun Dynamics Larry Ward appeared on PBS to discuss gun control.

GD Co-founder Larry Ward on NPR

Gun Dynamics' own Larry Ward on NPR discussing shootings and gun control.

Gun Dynamics News

Florida Cities Want Power To Impose Local Gun Laws

Can cities in the state of Florida essentially ignore the state’s firearm preemption law that leaves gun regulation up to the state legislatu

Gun safety group plans to spend $1M to flip Minnesota Senate

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A major gun control group with ties to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday it plans to spend at leas

Watch: Rep. Jackson Lee claims GOP, NRA made 'getting guns out of neighborhoods ... very difficult'

House Homeland Security Committee member Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, criticized  Republicans and the National Rifle Association (NRA) on "Th

Horowitz: Man accused of murdering 11-year-old at July 4 BBQ in DC was released under coronavirus jailbreak

The same flat-earth "science" being used as a pretext to criminalize Americans for not wearing masks has been used to release violent crimina

One Pistol In Jamaica Proves The Futility Of Gun Bans

If gun control worked, Jamaica would be a true tropical paradise.

Watch: Missouri man who guarded home with rifle reveals that 'rumor is' he and wife will be 'indicted shortly'

Missouri attorney Mark McCloskey, who along with his wife Patricia brandished legally-owned firearms when confronted by Black Lives Matter pr

Over 60 Shot, 11 Dead In Another Violent Chicago Weekend

Over 60 people were shot and 11 people were killed in Chicago during the second weekend of July, according to a local CBS affiliate.

Watch: NYPD cop placed in headlock as cheering crowd looks on, video shows

A pair of NYPD cops simply wanted to disperse a crowd gathered on a hot July night at a Bronx street corner.

New “Study” On Gun Culture Really An Attack On 2A Activism

I think we can all agree that there is no monolithic “gun culture” in the United States. With 100,000,000 gun owners, it would be silly to as

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