Public Lands Lawsuit Settled—All Lands Remain Open to Hunting
In 2020, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service expanded hunting and fishing opportunities on more than 2.3 million acres of land.
Legal pile-on: Anti-gun Measure 114 faces court hearing and new lawsuit
The temperatures may be falling, but the legal fight over Oregon’s newest gun control is heating up.
Gun-Control Groups Staying Out of Georgia Senate Runoff as NRA Spending Surges
Gun group spending ahead of the Georgia Senate runoff has been decidedly one-sided.
GOP senators behind bipartisan gun control say they're done
Following Uvalde, a small group of Republican senators broke with the rest of the party and negotiated a bipartisan gun control deal. It wasn’t the broad, sweeping anti-gun measures that many wanted, but it was gun control.
NYC ghost gun builder arrested after sharing photo of 7-year-old son wielding firearms: prosecutors
A New York City man has been arrested for manufacturing and possessing more than a dozen ghost guns after he shared an image of his 7-year-old son wielding two of the firearms, prosecutors say.
Hawaii: Honolulu Seeks to Severely Restrict Carry
Bill 57 (2022) is an effort by the Honolulu City Council to discourage law-abiding persons from exercising their rights, by creating as many “gun-free zones” as possible. This patchwork of so-called “sensitive areas” does nothing more than create confusion for law-abiding persons, while being blatantly ignored by criminals.
Incoming House Judiciary chair puts Dettelbach, ATF on notice
When Republicans take control of the House come January, it will provide the first opportunity for real oversight over executive branch agencies in a couple of years, and it looks like the GOP is ready to shine a spotlight on the actions of the ATF and its director Steve Dettelbach in the new year.
Gun-Rights Groups Sue North Carolina Sheriff Over Carry Permit Delays
For the second time since 2021, gun-rights groups are taking the sheriff of one of North Carolina’s most populous counties to court over gun permit delays.
Joy Reid blames Uvalde residents re-electing Abbott for lack of action on gun control: 'Learned helplessness'
MSNBC’s Joy Reid called out what she claimed was "learned helplessness" that prolonged efforts to enact gun control legislation during her show on Monday.
Top Senate Dem Admits Biden ‘Probably’ Doesn’t Have The Votes To Ram Through Gun Control In Lame-Duck Session
Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) admitted that President Joe Biden has “probably not” secured the needed 60 votes to pass gun control in the lame-duck session of Congress.
Judge rules Navy officer can't be denied gun permit
The state of Hawaii is considered paradise by many, but not if you want a firearm. Among the requirements is a gun permit.
Critics erupt on Biden after ‘sick’ comment on semi-automatic gun purchases: 'Sheer ignorance'
President Biden faced intense backlash from critics on Thanksgiving after speaking out against the purchase of semi-automatic weapons.
Give Thanks, Not Overbearing Ideology This Thanksgiving
The totalitarian church of civilian disarmament tolerates no such tranquility. Everytown for Gun Safety has once again released a list of gun control talking points specifically designed to proselytize friends and family at the Thanksgiving table.
Murphy: Not enough votes in Senate for assault weapon ban
Following the shooting at an LGBT nightclub in Colorado Springs, it was no surprise that President Joe Biden called for an assault weapon ban. After all, he typically calls for one after every mass shooting, even if the killer didn’t use anything like an AR-15 or an AK-pattern rifle.
Biden to push assault weapon ban during lame-duck session
After shootings in Raleigh and the University of Virginia, President Joe Biden decided to call for an assault weapon ban. Never mind that neither shooting involved a so-called assault weapon or anything, he still used it as an opportunity to push for it.
Happy Thanksgiving: Biden Says Sale of Semiautomatic Firearms ‘Has No Social Redeeming Value’
During comments to the press Thanksgiving morning, President Joe Biden criticized the sale of semiautomatic firearms saying it “has no social redeeming value.”
OR gun rights group, sheriff sues to block voter-approved gun control ballot measure
An Oregon gun rights group and a county sheriff have filed a federal lawsuit challenging a voter-approved ballot measure that is one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.
Poll: Gun Policy a Low Priority for Most Motivated Georgia Runoff Voters
The final balance of power in the Senate might be at stake in Georgia this December, but gun policy is unlikely to take top billing.
Housing authority's new rules for gun owners invite legal challenge
A couple of weeks ago we wrote about some proposed changes to the firearms policy on properties run by the Stratford, Connecticut housing authority; namely, a ban on openly-carried firearms as well as a new storage requirement for all guns and ammunition.
Colorado Springs shooting a
Law enforcement tends to have a rough lot in life. After all, when they do their jobs right, the best they can often hope for is that people pay no attention to them at all, that people will just ignore what they do.
Emboldened, Opportunistic Biden Continues to Promote Gun Bans
Whatever else can be said of Joe Biden as a politician, he has been consistent and unwavering on at least one point: he wants to take your guns. Make no mistake: Left to his own devices, that is exactly what he will do.
 Gallup: Support for Gun Control Drops as Gun Ownership Rises
Americans say they are less likely to support tightening gun laws than they were over the summer. A Gallup poll released on Monday shows a nine-point drop in support for making gun laws “more strict” since the same survey was taken in June.
Whitmer To Push For Gun Control After Re-Election Victory, Dem Takeover Of State Legislature
Gun control is on the docket for Michigan’s Democratic leaders and lawmakers after the party boasted historic wins in the state’s midterm elections last week.
President Joe Biden Pushes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban After Gay Nightclub Shooting
President Joe Biden pushed an “assault weapons” ban in response to the Club Q shooting that occurred Saturday night in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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